Jubilee week

This year the Ireen Wüst rink marks its 10th anniversary. To celebrate this, Braga is organizing a super fun and awesome clinic. It’s free of charge on October 16th from 20:00- 22:00! As of today, you can register through the link below. Registration will help us estimating the number of participants we can expect and the ability levels. We hope to meet as many students as possible on this special evening and that you will join us afterwards to have a drink in the sports cafe T Kwadraat in Tilburg.

The clinics are organized in coöperation with FOSST. They make it possible to offer these clinics free of charge to members of the university sports center. For people without a sports subscription or an ice-skating club pass, a ticket must be purchased at the reception desk of the T-Kwadraat. Skating on speed skates is compulsory! If you don’t own a pair, you can rent them at the ice skating rink. Make sure, you tell the people at the reception desk that you want to rent a pair of speed skates. They’ll give you a ticket which you need to have for renting the speed skates at the ice rink.

You’re joining, right?! Click on this link to register!

The planning is as follows:

19:45 Ice rink open
20:00 Warming up
20:15 Start clinic
21:15 End of clinic
21:30 Bragaans kwartiertje
21:45 Einde of program

22:00 Beer/ hot choco in T-kwadraat