Become a member

T.S.S.V. Braga is for everyone! We have three traininggroups: two advanced and one beginners. There’s always a group for you!

Why do you have to become a member of Braga?

  • Ice skating is a typical dutch sport!
  • Everyone can skate, so do you: you only have to begin!
  • Every monday evening is a nice evening on the ice!
  • Hot chocolate with wipped cream is always a good idea… so is beer..
  • We are a little cosy association so we can do a lot of activities all together!
  • You can always come and train with us* to see how much fun skating is and how nice it is at Braga!

  • *If you have a subscription to the sportscenter

Are you convinced and do you want to become a member of our association? Download the registration form right here! Once you have filled out the form, you can send it to We will contact you as soon as possible and complete your registration!