Winter training

During the winter season (from October to March), ice skating training sessions take place. These sessions focus on improving ice skating technique, finding more enjoyment in skating, and enhancing stamina and endurance while skating. Because training is offered at three different levels, there is a group suitable for everyone’s skill level. So whether you’ve been skating on ice since you could walk or have never put on ice skates before, you are welcome to join us!

Every Monday evening during the winter season, training sessions are held at the Ireen Wüst Ice Rink in Tilburg. Within T.S.S.V. Braga, we have the following three training groups:

  1. Advanced Group 1 (training starts at 19:45)
  2. Advanced Group 2 (training starts at 19:45)
  3. Beginners (training starts at 20:00) Please note! The beginners’ training takes place on the ice hockey rink in the middle of the 400-meter track!


Just like at the university sports center, you will gain access to the ice rink by scanning a QR code. This can be done at the Tkwadraat counter, and you will receive a ticket that allows you to enter the ice rink. Make sure you have the sports center app installed on your phone so that you can scan the QR code.

To access the ice rink, you must go through the reception of Tkwadraat; please refer to the map for the best way to get there.